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About Codex Associates

We are Alan and Kathy Barber; a husband and wife team working in partnership with communities, charities and organisations to help raise their profile and also to provide access to local information and services.

Because the publications both support and are supported by local businesses, we are generally able to produce them free of charge. We have found that this way everybody wins: our clients don't have to find precious resources to fund the projects; the community benefits from free access to information concerning services in their area and local businesses achieve targeted exposure.

We have been working with local community based organisations for the past 14 years, assisting them in raising their profile within the communities they serve.

Codex associates was set up in 1997 and, over the years, has built up a strong reputation for quality and integrity. We relish the fact that the work we do helps bond local communities and supports local businesses in a meaningful way.



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